Diverse Employment Opportunities

The five largest employment industries on the Sunshine Coast are:

  • Health,
  • Construction,
  • Retail,
  • Hospitality and tourism, and
  • Education.

The Sunshine Coast has a higher percentage of workforce employed in the retail, hospitality and tourism industries compared to the rest of Queensland. This results in a higher proportion of workers earning less than $1,750/week and 20% of all workers employed in part-time work. So, compared to much of Queensland, the Sunshine Coast has lower-paid employees with less job security.

When development or project business cases report a large number of jobs, these typically equate to what we already have. An abundance of part-time, low paid, no future career jobs. Our residents want better employment opportunities for themselves and their children.

Our council should focus on encouraging industries that provide secure, well paid jobs with career opportunities to set up shop here on the Sunshine Coast. Initial steps have been made with a Regional Economic Development Strategy Plan which identifies seven high value industries for the Sunshine Coast. However, the measure of the success of these strategies is vague in its reporting. This is an area of great need on the Sunshine Coast and an issue I would pursue as your councillor.