I am a mother to a young family, military veteran, business person, and dedicated local. I stand as a candidate for Division 9 of the Sunshine Coast Regional Council to be a true local community representative.

I believe our council can change for the better and act in the best interests of the community. It’s time to limit the closed door meetings that allow questionable decisions to quietly slip through.  It’s time to stand by our Town Plan and assure residents of their expected lifestyle.  It’s time to support businesses that provide jobs and opportunities and attract more local businesses who provide interesting, challenging, and well paid jobs for residents.  It’s time to preserve and enhance our unique natural environment.  It’s time to genuinely listen to the community.  It’s time for change.

Rates spent on Services and Infrastructure

Residents are calling for better services and facilities like roadside collections, more footpaths and better pedestrian safety in Coolum, better parking availability in Peregian Springs and Bli Bli. Meanwhile, too much of the rates revenue raised is being spent on a ‘City Hall’ in Maroochydore that is not urgently needed by council and would provide limited benefit to residents in Division 9. Council must partner more closely with State representatives to upgrade substandard roads and address the inadequate infrastructure throughout the region.

Open Meetings and Accessible Information

Knowledge empowers us and democracy dies behind closed doors. Reducing closed door meetings and live-streaming council and committee meetings, ensures the community remains informed.

Sustainable Development and Local Employment

Encouraging development that fits within the town planning scheme and considers the environment and social benefits, not just the economic benefit. Ensuring good design principles are implemented to produce liveable communities.

Protecting and enhancing our Environment

Through education comes change. By retaining and promoting the benefits of our unique natural environment, tourists and future generations will be able to enjoy its beauty and make our region even better. We need to more carefully consider the effects of our actions. Solutions shouldn’t come at a cost to our environment because it’s easy, the solution should consider if it’s the right thing to do.

Diverse Employment Opportunities

The Coast needs to support and encourage industries that provide well paid jobs for residents that have good opportunities for career progression and work places located close to home.

Authentic Community Consultation

Instead of undertaking an ‘Inform and Defend’ mentality to community consultation, Council need to involve the community at earlier stages of projects, where true community consultation provides real outcomes as a result of collaborative discussions.